The Best Side Hustles to Start in 2021

Looking to make some extra money with a new side hustle? Not sure where to begin?

We can start by breaking down the different categories that pretty much any side hustle can fall into. We'll dig into each one below, but from a high level here's what we will consider.

  • Ecommerce
  • Digital products
  • Advertising
  • and Services


This is a big one. Very popular so we may as well start here.

Ecommerce is one of the largest categories of side hustles and contains some of the most hyped hustles.

Dropshipping. Amazon FBA. Print on demand. Flipping on eBay. Retail arbitrage.

The list is endless. You take a product that someone wants and you sell on the internet for a profit. Modern strategies have made the barrier to entry low here too.

  • Dropshipping and print on demand don't require any inventory.
  • Shopify will give you an online store with a free trial that lasts long enough to make your first sale.
  • Advertise on Facebook to reach over 2 billion people.

Digital Products

Another popular side hustle is selling digital products. There can be ebooks, self-publishing, courses, or other similar products that are not physical goods.

These creators can sell an infinite amount of their product without having to worry about supply, logistics, or margins.

For the upfront cost of simply your time and however long it takes to create the product, there is little to no monetary risk in digital products.


Advertising is a massive money-making opportunity. If you control an online asset that gets traffic, you can partake in your slice of the pie.

There are many ways to build a side hustle around advertising.

Blogging. Niche website. YouTube. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest.

You can build a large audience with any of the above strategies, and when you do the monetization follows. Besides simply placing ads, you can get into affiliate marketing, shoutouts, sponsorships, or even promote your own products and services.


The last category of side hustles would be services. These are any side hustles in which you provide a valuable service for your customers. You are often but not always, trading your time for money.

Hence many avoid this bucket because of their goal to get away from trading time for money. (The lucky few automate their service, such as software as a service companies)

Nevertheless, these can be easier to get into and start making money quickly.

A few examples of services you could provide as a side hustle include freelancing or part-time jobs with flexible hours.

Unlike the other side hustle categories, these jobs don't always require you to work until after you know you are getting paid!

A Bunch of Other Ideas

Still not sure where to start? We've compiled a larger more specific list too. Here's what could work.

  1. Start a dropshipping business
  2. Start an Amazon FBA store
  3. Become an affiliate marketer
  4. Start a print on demand store
  5. Create a blog
  6. Begin freelance writing
  7. Sell ebooks
  8. Be a virtual assistant
  9. Sell photography
  10. Get a part-time job
  11. Freelance your skills
  12. Become an online English teacher
  13. Start tutoring
  14. Create a social media agency
  15. Flip items on online marketplaces
  16. Become an Instagram influencer
  17. Become a public notary
  18. Become a real estate agent
  19. Invest in rental properties
  20. Childcare
  21. Caregiving
  22. Build niche websites
  23. Computer repair service
  24. Start an IT support company
  25. Computer tutoring
  26. Review resumes
  27. Start a car washing company
  28. Car flipping
  29. Start a marketing agency
  30. Dog walking
  31. Start a podcast
  32. Become a DJ
  33. Freelance designer
  34. Become a home inspector
  35. Modeling
  36. Start a moving company
  37. Personal training
  38. Pet sitting
  39. App development
  40. Create a startup
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